Taipale Media Systems, Inc.

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First United Methodist Church

Location: Boerne, Texas

TMS Scope: Acoustics, Sound, Video & Theatrical Lighting

Project: My first introduction to the folks at First United Methodist Church in Boerne, Texas was through a phone call from fellow ChurchSoundcheck member Lee Ziegenhals. He called to set up a time for me to come and re-voice the main loudspeaker system at their church in Boerne, just West of San Antonio. I was able to breathe new life into their main loudspeaker system, and offer some recommendations for other improvements to consider. That visit also established a friendship and level of confidence that TMS could help them with future projects.

Several months later Lee called again, this time to invite me to bid on designing the acoustics and AVL systems for a new construction project. They were ready to build a Christian Education building, and on the second floor would be a Youth Chapel.

I was working at K2 Audio at the time, so this started as a K2 project. Ted Pyper tackled the designs for the room acoustics, mechanical noise study and sound isolation concerns while I did the designs for the AVL systems. One notable challenge for the space was the fact that the Youth Chapel would be positioned directly above some classrooms down on the first floor. That immediately told me that I would need to fly the subwoofers. But more importantly it indicated to Ted that he would need to recommend special construction techniques for the floor of the Youth Chapel to minimize sound transmission into the rooms below. And I must say, Ted's solution worked beautifully. The vertical isolation between spaces is excellent.

About halfway through this project I left K2 Audio and picked up where I left off running my own company as Taipale Media Systems, Inc., and I finished this project out as a TMS project. The room is relatively small, but that didn't keep us from choosing to install excellent quality AVL equipment. Not only does the room have the technical gear to handle anything the church would ask, it also turned out to be a very attractive space. So much so that once other church ministries discovered it, the use of the room quickly moved beyond just being a space for the Youth to hosting lots of other ministry gatherings. The church even hosted one of our own Church Sound Boot Camp seminars in 2012.

The first event in the new Youth Chapel was held on November 6, 2011.

      Youth Chapel Equipment
        • Main Loudspeakers: ElectroVoice & Renkus-Heinz
        • Subwoofer: ElectroVoice
        • DSP: Biamp
        • Power Amps: LAB.gruppen
        • Video Projection: Optima & Da-Lite
        • Video Switching: FSR
        • Theatrical Lighting: ETC dimming, control & fixtures