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It's in Your Court

Don't be shy. We really do enjoy visiting with people, especially when we can share information that will make their day better, or help them fix a technical problem. Maybe we have the answer. Maybe we can simply point you in the right direction, or put you in touch with someone who truly can answer your question.

Is your goal simply to make sure that you are using the equipment you already have to its fullest potential? Or are you ready to upgrade your current technical systems? Maybe you're launching a new building project and you need somsone to partner with you on the technical systems that will support your ministry. Or maybe your crew just wants some training from someone who has lived (for years) right where they are.

Whatever your goal, TMS is prepared to come alongside you and help you get there. Feel free to to pick up the phone and call us. Or if you prefer, send us an email. We often work late into the night and if we see your email, it's likely that you'll get a response at 2:00 AM.