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Westminster Presbyterian Youth Room

Location: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

TMS Scope: Design for the room acoustics, sound isolation, sound, video projection and theatrical lighting.

Architect: J.C. Witcher & Mike Mize with ADG, Inc. in Oklahoma City.
Construction: Mike Berryman with Berryman Enterprises in Oklahoma City.

Project: The church was out of space for a proper Youth Room. As Youth Pastor Mac McCoy began to look for solutions, they came upon the idea to totally "gut" more than one-half of the church basement and turn it into a large Youth Room, with several break-out rooms, Sunday School rooms, a kitchen and office spaces. When I first walked the basement area they were planning to remodel, even I was taken aback by the enormity of the construction task.

One of the more interesting challenges came when we realized that the platform where their worship band would play was physically located directly below a senior adult Sunday School room on the main floor! I engaged the help of Neil Thompson Shade at Acoustical Design Collaborative, Ltd. to create the proper solution -- a floating ceiling in the basement. Based on Neil's calculations, I did a live demonstration for the church building committee to hear for themselves what those senior adults would experience with, and without, the proposed (very expensive) floating ceiling.

As it turned out, the church went with the floating ceiling, and the results were exactly what they were hoping for. Today the senior adults can have their regularly scheduled class time without concern of hearing loud kick drum thumps from the platform below their room!

Their first service took place on March 29, 2009.

      Youth Room Equipment
        • Main Loudspeakers: Bose LT's with Bag End subs
        • Delays & Ceiling Loudspeakers: Renkus-Heinz & Bose
        • Floor Monitors: ElectroVoice
        • DSP: Biamp
        • Power Amps: LAB.gruppen
        • Console: Yamaha
        • Video Projector: Sanyo
        • Video Displays: Sharp
        • Video Switching: TV One & FSR
        • Lighting: ETC dimming, control & fixtures

      Breakout Rooms
        • Loudspeakers: Renkus-Heinz
        • Mixer: Ashly
        • DSP: Rane
        • Video Displays: Sharp

      Sunday School Rooms
        • Ceiling Speakers: Bose
        • Mixer: Biamp
        • DSP: Rane
        • Video Displays: Sharp

On a side note, I was genuinely impressed with how much Mac truly loves the kids in his charge, how he cares for them and looks out for them. Great guy.